Indie Pop Bands

The first indie pop band was formed in 1980 and consisted of singers, mucisisans and artists. The indie pop bands have influenced new bands that have become popular.IRC is among the earliest bands that is well known for featuring which are new and there music albums from artists that are popular. DIY band and artists deserve limelight for their hard work in producing their music. Indie pop music has musicians and artists are amazing and fantastic in the creation of terrific music.

The following is a list of indie pop music;

Peixefante band: This is an indie pop band from Brazil and captures ears and hearts of many people. It is gorgeous and one feels floating over the green hillside and beautiful beaches where they shoot their videos. The echoy whistling throught there music is special and they have a magical touch. There second single is Cruzada Modern which is wonderfully composed and performed from the guitar playing and vocals that are amazing with choruses.


The Atlantic Francis Band: This band crafts on folk rock using the 12 stringed guitar and the Ukulele melodies. The band has sweet harmonies and hot percussions. They also have single music like ‘’Where Do We Run’’ and there ocean swim album. The band was formed in 2010 with a lead vocalist and guitarist known as Victor Norberg.The ukulele player was Mac Donald.Jaspher Karrison was on the bass while Adrian Lefvert was on the drums. The band taggered with different genres for many years as Norberg said. The members of the Atlantic Francis band are also fans of Mumford and sons and the Mac Donald.


Wired minds: This is another band whose new single is called Victoria. The single song has caught attention with the drenched reverb and guitars that are jangly. The music produced by these artists has a brooding bass with atmospheric synths and vocals that are sour. The band has released 2 single songs that are really streaming.


Grablomst band: This is an Indie pop band that crafts music that influences rock which is classic and brittop to address many issues like mental illness and courage. This is the band that has 2 artists that are married. Maven Ingbourg is the vocalist while Sverre Galgum is the guitarist and the at the bass. The other band members include, Portshead, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and many more.

Florence and machine band: This is an indie rock band formed in London that consisted of Florence who is the lead guitar; Isabella Summers was the keyboardist and a collaboration of numerous artists.

In the indie pop music industry, the following are the artists:

Piney Gir: This is a London artist with music like Mr. Hydes Wild Ride that dropped on February

2016. Her first single music known as the Mouse of the Ghost is touching and terrifying.
A.R Khan: Is a British musician of the late 1980 and pioneered amorphous style that became the

Dream pop. Despite his scoring surprise in the world, his dance pumped up the volume.

Riley Briggs: is an artist in the Arberfeldy band .the artist is a singer and a song writer. He is also

the guitarist in the band. The music album that they released include ‘Young Forever’