indieMost people in the world and especially in the world of music take notice of United Kingdom because of the Beatles but off let other musicians have started to gain worldwide recognition like Adele. Most of this artistes sing music from the rock genre. Rock is diverse with many subgenres like indie pop. Indie pop is a subgenre of indie rock and alternative rock. It is also a subculture. Indie pop originated in the 1970s and it was most of the times inspired by punk’s DIY ethic and other ideologies that are related. Since its origin it has generated a thriving gig circuit, club circuit, label and fanzine. The difference between indie rock and indie pop is that indie pop is relatively angst-free, less abrasive and more melodic. Now since indie pop has grown, it has managed to amass subcultures like twee pop and chamber pop.

With time, indie and indie pop have grown to the extent that they can’t distinguished especially due to their insipient stages. The term indie has been frequently used to refer to musicians who are on independent labels. Fans of indie pop know indie pop and they usually say that indie pop isn’t only indie that has some pop added to it. Not many fans notice this but true indie pop fans easily know indie pop. They know their canon of legendary bands, pop stars, in jokes, fashion accessories, iconography, festivals, aesthetics, mailing lists, websites, their own zines and legendary labels. If your girlfriend is a true indie pop fan, making a playlist of love indie pop songs will be a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for her. In short true indie pop fans know their own culture.

Indie pop has grown steadily and the key moment in its naming was in 1986 following the release of C86. C86 was a follow-up to C81 that was released earlier in 1981. Due to the competitive nature of the English press, new trends and bands were often given the limelight due to the competitive nature of the English press. This was done to sell copies and heighten interest. In C86, bands that were featured included the Pastels and the Primal Scream. Not only were these two bands included but also several more abrasive bands like the Ron Johnson label.

With time indie pop has grown to be genre we know today.