Indie pop has genres which are characterized by conventions and structure in pop music. The melody and sounds are also structured in the pop music way. Most of the music is done with instruments such as the guitar, bass, vocals, and also the use of drums. The other pop music genres involves additional instruments i.e. strings, piano, and also the eshering guitar.

The Indie pop music use primitive and simple approach that take many cues from DIY Punks ‘ methos.The genres are inspired by the Velvet underground music of pop of the year 1960 and Post Punk.The genre came up to infruition thanks to bands i.e. personalities of television and also the Go- Betweeners that gained momentum to C86.

The indie pop is an alternative to the rock music whose origin was United Kingdom and its roots are from Scottish Post-Punk Bands. In the year 1980, Indie pop was criticized for its association with “shambling” which led to their underachievement but the C86 pop scene was the pivot for independent music in the United Kingdom. It is recognized in the subtitles of 2006 compilation of extended reissue.

48 tracks from indie pop birth have continued to have a following which is the strongest with inspired music all around the world. The indie pop genre that was released of NME’S C86 tape in 1986 was genres whose defining conventions were identified with guitars which are jungling.The song structures have the powerful melody.Spotified intelligence platform in music continuously make people to learn about music. Genre solutions that are static classify music as rigid with hierarchical relationships which tend to have a hard time in keeping the music in the world.

This is the major reason why these genres react to changes in the music industry as far as indie pop music is concerned. The approach that the genre is a trend –aware knows the music of the artists and in which genre it falls into. The following are the genres of the indie pop:

Aggrotech genre-This is music which is electronic fosters the elements of body music that is electronic in nature. This genre is industrial with noise, trance and tehno.It features distorted vocals which are pitch shifted with militant lyrics and danceable beats which are fast.

Beat down-This type of genre is a type of punk that is hardcore and is characterized by aggressive sounds and vocals that are screamed shouted or growled. It emerged in 1980.Its musical beat is slow with a chugging breakdown. This genre has influenced the development of metal core.

Brostep-This is ma genre with a variation of dupstep which is Americanised.It largely emphasizes in the middle register sounds that are opposed to sub-bass content that have dupstep accentuates.Moreover,it has sounds which are robotic with an aggression known as metal-esque.

Wonky– It is an electronic music that is characterized by synhts that have unusual time signatures in there abstract and its hip-hop beats. Wonky takes cues in its sound from hip hop instruments and have quantization among other genres.
Vaporware-This genre has samples of muzak and commercials of TV. The music from this genre are altered in pitch or tempo and are manipulated with compression.